Origin:The viral article of Forges which puts the finger on the wound of Spain

I can not agree more with the always brilliant @forges. We have created a society in which zero effort is the average.

Why struggle with my studies or my work if my colleagues that do absolutely nothing will pass just as I do?. What should I strive in my work if they will promote that guy that's been here for many years despite he can hardly write properly?.

These and other similar situations are the daily life of our country. Instead of encouraging those who need it, or reward those who struggle and help those who need it, we prefer to reduce the level of exigency and the quality of what we do.

We have passed from a society with a exacerbated competitiveness to a minimal effort society, complying with minimums and not with the pride of a well done job.

I dare to say, without any knowledge of psychology at all, that frustration properly managed and with the right support, beyond being a problem might be an incentive and that the Olympic motto (citius, altius, fortius) is perfectly applicable to everyday life.

It is a question of being the best in everything, or to trample others; It's just wanting to improve and upgrade on a daily basis.. Learn something every day and want to make things as best as possible.

Conspiracy theorists will say that it's a large scale plot to create a manageable and uneducated society. Truth is, I'm beginging to be worried since I'm starting to consider it possible.

I will end with a reflection… "What a shame that mediocrity is not painful".


The viral article of Forges which puts the finger on the wound

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