I will not be the one to say that we should not be careful with the #COVID-19, but one thing is precaution, and another is the situation we suffer today.

I live in #Spain, where at the time of writing this post, 9 cases have been reported, and so far all imported from other areas. It is true that we are facing an epidemic, I do not know if pandemic, new, and therefore with some uncertainty, some ignorance and quite caution, but that should not lead us under any circumstances to panic, at least at the present time and with the current figures.


First a little history. If we look back at humanity’s great pandemics, we see that smallpox, a poxvirus now eradicated, passed to history with more than 300 million people affected reaching 70% mortality at specific times. Others in the range of 50 to 200 million dead are measles or Spanish influenza, now controlled and subject to vaccination programmes. The most modest is the famous bubonic plague, the only bacteria on this sad list, or the most recent HIV with more than 25 million deaths to its credit.

At present, #COVID19 has affected just over 81,000 people with 2,768 deaths (3.4%), with a total of 30,258 people fully recovered (37.26%, more than 1/3). We must also consider that the current situation compared to other epidemics is much better.

I do not intend to downplay the figures, since each life is unique and irreplaceable, but unless events change, we are quite far from a Hollywood-style cataclysm, unless it is caused of the panic generated in the population.

3D render of a medical image with virus cell
sMedical photo created by kjpargeter – www.freepik.es

It’s happening…

Precisely… speaking of panic, or at least fear, we find that in Spain, where we have no reason to worry at the moment, the supply of masks and antiseptic hand fluids has been exhausted in most of the country!!. We agree that any hygienic measure is in principle positive, without overtaking it, but a little basic epidemiology would tell the population in the first place that viruses are not in the air like CO2, but are transmitted by the droplets of breath, coughing, sneezing, etc., and not necessarily by airway. We are not buying a guarantee, although I have to accept, can help. Please, let’s measure resources for when needed.

The coronavirus, pardon the COVID19, is not the first “pest” that plagues us, nor will it be the last, it is not the worst , and surely neither is the “best”, but humanity is accustomed to fight in this terrain, formerly with living lime and anointments and today with science and great resources in most countries.

Photo of People created by freepik – www.freepik.es

Veterinarians – One Health

Finally, I cannot resist to introduce a #veterinarian comment: “Dear Chinese people and many other authorities: It is not acceptable for animals caught in the forest, forest or marshland to be marketed in the 21st century that have not passed strict veterinary checks, if possible before and surely postmorten. It is true that viruses are not “seen” on a postmortem exam, but their effects are, if there are any. And if there are none, you can establish a traceability record of these animals in order to address these problems as soon as possible. Many countries spend fortunes on large health campaigns neglecting everyday situations.

I can only congratulate the Chinese authorities on their response, although the ideal situation is that it would not have been required.

More info

If you want to follow the progress of the epidemic, the Johns Hopkins CSSE has published a really great map, which you can find in:


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Coronavirus, let’s change panic for precaution.
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