Talking about yourself is always complicated. You are never quite sure if you’re being sincere, boring o even worse self-pitting or immodest, therefore I will write only a few lines to know about me what I would like to know about you.

 Even though the word ‘geek’ is been used as an insult for long, I can proudly say I consider myself a gadget, IT, Star Wars geek. As main hobbies I declare CG, specially 3d modelling and solving any computer problem that seems impossible to solve.

I am a veterinarian, but far away from a stethoscope and a lab coat. I work as a consultant.

My music, no doubt Rock. To eat any kind of good food will do, and the more exotic, the better. To drink, beer, of course.

My dreams and desires are not too different from the rest of the people, I supposse. Mainly hit the lottery and be able to devote myself to my family and my hobbies, travel to the end of the world and back as many times as possible in a lifetime and neve have to worry again about money at the end of the month.

I like to build an opinion about everything. I like people that make things nice to those around them, I like design, specially when it is also functional. I love imaginative people. I like running, cycling, and swimming. I like to sit and talk to people and learn about different cultures. I like terraces and penthouses (who doesn’t), open spaces and mountains, and I like to share all this with those I love.

I hate the lack of education, incompetence (which should be painful), laziness, presumptuousness, and people that believe they have a Divine right to step over everybody. I hate people that stop in doorways, people that know everything, Illuminati, and people that live in TV. I also hate people that hate everything.

I like to talk, and surprisingly not about me.


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